Who We Are
One Summer Day in Los Angeles California, Nick was searching for an architect to design his new apartment complex. All of the websites he found were monotonous and boring……he couldn’t find anything about what was meaningful to him. “What are the people like who i am going to be dealing with?”After flipping through dozens of boring photos, bios, and pages of firm focused language, he didn’t contact any architects at all. Over the next little while, Nick began to think about his experience and an idea started to form how he could help architects attract new clients by making the most use of their most undervalued resource……..the ability of their firms to develop trust, rapport, and connection with their potential clients.

Since then, the team at Completion has been helping architects develop their online presence through interactive video, web presence, and social engagement to increase client engagement and help grow their business.

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Our Process



We set up a consultation to talk about your company’s dreams, goals, and current frustrations to set up a personalized plan on how we will expand your firm.


Our team creates your website and/or interactive video to giving you that unique edge over the rest of the competition.


Using social media we spread the word about your firm to thousands of potential customers, giving you the clients you want and deserve.

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